A South Burlington Chiropractor Discusses the Differences in Fitness Pants

A South Burlington Chiropractor Discusses the Differences in Fitness Pants

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Not all fitness pants in South Burlington are created equal

It's the Mom uniform of the new millennium - yoga pants & you name it: tank top, tee shirt, hoodie, or zip up. From basic black to shocking (double take) pattern, women are embracing fitness pants as "real clothes" on a daily basis. One can find an active wear section in any department store in South Burlington and the options online are endless. From top of the line, boutique-esque fancy pants, to box store brand warm up gear - you'll find it wherever you look.

Let's talk turkey in terms of actually being ACTIVE in stretch pants.

Sadly, no - they're not all the same. The ones you pulled on this morning to drive the kids to camp? They'll probably let you down for any milage on the treadmill, lunchtime tabata, pilates or spinning class. That darling patterned pair you hunted down? Fabrics that are printed upon will fade and age anywhere there is friction.

When in doubt check out the care label.

Is cotton listed on the materials list? Then those are your 'driving Kevin to soccer' pants, not your 'break a sweat' pants. Performance active wear is what you're looking for when shopping for workout clothes. These fabrics are designed to wick moisture away from the skin allowing it to evaporate quickly and keep you feeling light and cool. These breathable synthetic materials will help you stay comfortable during vigorous movement. They're durable and designed for sweat, stretch and friction.

You don't break the bank on workout wear unless you really want to.

Yes, seriously!

In fact your very own Dr. Wendy at Epic Performance prefers to buy her workout clothing at our local Discount Club.

Happy Leisure Time!


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